Inspired by Motherhood

Christina welcomed her first child with her husband in the late summer heat of North Florida. Her daughter was born with laryngomalacia, a rare life threatening condition called FPIES, and severe allergies making every decision critical for her health. Scouring for quality 100% breathable cotton-made newborn clothes and diapers, she found herself spending hours shopping in stores and online. With the demands of postpartum healing, breastfeeding, work and daily life; the stress of finding safe toxic free clothing for her daughter drove, Christina, to create Bambini. She wanted other mothers who struggle with the difficulty of having a special needs baby to have a one stop shop for affordable quality clothes and goods.

Whether you're a stay at home mom, or a working mom, or both - Bambini is the place for Mom so she can spend less time worrying about getting her and baby dressed and more time making memories with her family. 

Mom can focus on the small treasures of everyday life with precious little ones while feeling good about what they are wearing.

Sourcing premium organic textiles to luxuries skin care, Bambini couples functionality with grace - everything you need, nothing you don’t.